Acupuncture for Women's Health 

When all is going well, we cycle along with the moon and live peacefully. Since you are on this page, you probably have some problems, which tend to change over time. These are all real life scenarios where acupuncture is very helpful.

Menstrual Pain and Period Problems:

Young women are sometimes faced with excruciating menstrual cramps, sometimes accompanied with nausea and vomiting. It's impossible to go to school or go to work, let alone go out with friends until the pain eases,which is often when their flow is established. Along with this can come bloating, headaches, sugar (chocolate) cravings, a tendency to binge eat, irritability, frustration, and mood-swings. Yes, acupuncture helps all of this.

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Periods can be erratic, coming too late, too early, too heavy, too light or any combination thereof. This is not only embarrassing when you get a "surprise visit" but it can interfere with fertility.

Acupuncture treats Irregular Menses and Infertility. Yes, infertility!

This is where acupuncture can really have an impact on your life! We, at Hoku have helped many women conceive by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs, balance hormones, and taking away the stress of trying to conceive. Often when irregular periods are normalized, conception occurs easily. Traditional Chinese Medicine can help with the success of IVF as well, with fewer cycles often required. Once you are pregnant, acupuncture can help with nausea, heartburn, low back pain and the birthing process; herbs may be given if the pregnancy is difficult. It should be mentioned here that TCM helps with men's infertility, and erectile dysfunction. Libido can also be increased in both sexes.

Supporting Pregnancy

Angela Berscheid offers Acupuncture in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

Feeling nauseated? Have Heartburn? Problems with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, or back pain? Energy lagging? Give us a call.

Turning Breech Babies/Helping You Begin Labour:

If your baby is in a breech position, we have a window of opportunity where we can help turn the baby, and give you at home techniques that add to our treatments. Acupuncture can prepare the perineal area for childbirth. We can then use combinations of acu-points that bring yo closer to labour. We do, however, need to know your obstetrical status (how many weeks pregnant you are, if the cervix is ripe, if the baby is in proper position, if the baby has dropped, or is in distress, if this is a high risk pregnancy, etc). We will work with your midwife each step of the way to ensure you and your baby's safety.

Hoku Integrated Healthcare offers safe, effective Acupuncture in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

After Delivery Care:

If you are having problems with pain, milk production, and/or mastitis, we can help.

PMS and Post Partum Depression
We often see women suffering from PMS which responds well to acupuncture and/or herbs, even in the cases where peri-menopause and PMS occur at the same time. Also, after giving birth some women are predisposed to post-partum depression. By administering acupuncture and nourishing tonifying herbs to you as a new mom, your vitality returns and mood lifts.

The Menopausal Transition:

At Hoku Integrated Healthcare we are well versed in women's health, not only from a natural Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, but from a pharmacological view. We are here to make you feel at ease and help guide you on your journey.

It appears that perimenopause is coming earlier in women. It used to occur in the mid-forties, but is now being seen in women in their 30's. This is possibly due to the many hormone disruptors in our inner and outer environment. With perimenopause, the years that lead up to menopause, periods often become very heavy, have clots, last longer, and come closer together. Some become anemic and very tired. Women have to carry pads or tampons (which often start to become uncomfortable) at all times. The mood swings that accompany PMS are even greater during this time, and many women are afraid of harming their relationships with their partners, children, and co-workers. Hot flashes and night sweats start to occur. Acupuncture can ease this.

Menopause-from hot flashes to preserving bone density:

Menopause is still occuring around the age of 51. In this stage of our lives, we have reached one year after our last period. For some women it is an easy transition. Menopause does not mean an end to your energy--in fact it often is a time where the creativity of bearing children is transformed into other avenues of creativity, such as painting, poetry, and even starting a new business. Usually in that year, periods become lighter and further apart, then finally stop. This is, of course, a natural change in our lives, and some women sail through it easily, moving from child-bearing years to expressing a different kind of creativity. Others don't do so well. With the menopausal transition, irritability usually lessens, but sometimes is replaced with anxiety and insomnia. Hot flashes and night sweats, which are uncomfortable, increase in intensity to the point where women have them interrupt their jobs, their fun and their lives; sheets need to be changed at night, and it is difficult get close to their partners who are often shivering with cold. Weight gain increases, bone density decreases, and osteoporosis/fractures may become a reality*. Memory. What memory? Many women report being in a fog. Vaginal tissue becomes dry and easily tears, and women fear that sexual intimacy will be over for them**. Many women feel that this stage just don't know what to do. They don't trust hormone replacement, or if they have, they are told by their doctors that they will not be on it for the long term. A large proportion of women will have a return of their symptoms, especially if they are not tapered off properly. The good news is acupuncture alone or with Traditional Chinese Herbal formulas help women going through menopause. Sometimes homeopathy essential oils, and supplementation is also helpful. There is no reason to wait while you are going through this phase. Having worked in a compounding pharmacy for several years, and completed advanced continuing education in the menopausal transition, Angela has extensive knowledge in both holistic approaches and bio-identical hormone replacement. She will help safely guide you in the direction you choose to follow. Give us a call!


*Did you know that your body loses the most calcium shortly after menopause? This leads to bone mineral density loss, and even osteoporosis.

**if you are experiencing vaginal dryness, atrophy, and/or pain on intercourse, call us immediately. It is much easier to treat this condition early. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it is to treat.




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