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If you are like many people, you are probably wondering why we include pharmacy consultant services in a complementary health care clinic. Angela, our pharmacist has ample clinical experience having completed a Hospital Pharmacy Residency and also having worked in Vancouver General Hospital, BC's largest teaching hospital. There she was head of the pharmacy psychiatric department, went on Infectious Diseases and General Medicine rounds. She also worked on the Bone Marrow Transplant, Intensive Care, and other units. She later went into community pharmacy so she could get to know her patients, and has worked in compounding pharmacies with a strong alternative approach. At Hoku Integrated Healthcare, our acupuncturist is truly an experienced pharmacist with a holisitic approach.

You may be aware that medication errors are one of the most common reasons for hospital admission. Angela can identify and help you with any medication problems you may be experiencing. You have likely wondered if your medications may be causing you side-effects, or are having a negative impact on your health. You possibly feel like your physician, or the walk-in clinic doctor has no time for you, and has to rush through your appointment in order to see everyone. Decrease this burden of worry; talk to Angela and she will listen, and, if necessary, will contact your doctor and make recommendations that could have a positive impact on your health.

This is how Angela, registered pharmacist since 1988 can help you:

First she would like to get you from here:

Personalized Pharmacy Consults - Hoku Integrated Healthcare in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

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Angela Berscheid offers Acupuncture in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

Menopause: If you are going through menopause, and are wondering if hormone replacement therapy is a good option for you, Angela can help you with that decision, and give you advice on bio-identical hormones, and other conventional medications used in the menopausal transition. If you want a more natural approach then acupuncture, herbs, essential oils, and/or homeopathic preparations will be recommended. 

Angela is very well versed in the area of menopause from both a Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view. She can give advice on when it is considered to be safe to give bio-identical hormones to eliminate hot flashes, treat mood swings, slow down the leeching of Calcium in bones, and keep vaginal walls healthy and lubricated. She can discuss whether Estrogen, Progesterone, or Testosterone are good candidates, or if life-style changes, acupuncture and/or TCM herbal remedies are best for you (in conjunction with our registered herbalist).

Do you need help decreasing dosages or getting off medications safely? Angela can work with you to safely get off many medications that may be giving you side-effects, are being used to treat side-effects of other medications, or, in some cases, just aren't needed anymore. She will put together a program incorporating life-style changes, acupuncture, and possibly herbs that will help you, always communicating your physician with the goal of making positive changes. This approach benefits people with Type II diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Angela can also help you get off pain medications, antidepressants, and benzodiazpines, using strategies from both a conventional medicine and Traditional Medicine point of view.

How do you know if this is the right thing to do? She will ask that certain lab and other tests be ordered to monitor your progress. Angela understands when many lab, and other tests are needed and how to interpret them, and will always work with your physician or naturopath. We believe that having a good relationship with your doctor and pharmacist is vital when it comes to your health care.

Are you spending more than you should on your prescription medications? ...or....Has your new generic medication stopped working for you?   It can be difficult navigating through the pharmaceutical world, and Angela is here to help you, each step of the way, communicating with your doctor, Pharmacare, and your 3rd Party Plan.

Would you like the security of having a pharmacist looking at your medication list and giving a professional opinion? This is not a service you will find in any acupuncture or TCM clinics in B.C.

Angela can recognize side-effects of drugs you are taking and can give you proper advice. There have been several times when a patient has come to the office for acupuncture for various medical conditions, some of which are actually caused by the medication! In these cases, Angela will discuss this with you, and make the correct decision with your doctor, as to whether or not the drug can be discontinued, and what can take it's place. Again, this is not something a registered Dr of TCM, or acupuncturist can identify.

Have you ever wondered if what you are experiencing is a side-effect, a drug interaction, or an illness?  It often takes a qualified pharmacist to determine this. If side-effects or drug interactions are identified, we will talk to your doctor. If it is out of Angela's scope to identify an undiagnosed condition, we will ask that you make an appointment with your physician or naturopath as soon as possible. 

Hoku Integrated Healthcare offers safe, effective Acupuncture in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

Do you know what all your drugs are for? Some people know exactly what their meds are for, what they do, and what side effects they may have, especially with much information being available on the internet. It is important to know, however, that there is a lot of misinformation on the internet too, so it is best to have a health care professional look at this with you. Other people are not at all familiar with their meds. They know they take a blue pill, a white round pill and a yellow long one, but don't know which is which and what they are for. At Hoku Integrated Healthcare we can certainly help you with that.

Angela can guide you, helping you decrease your dosages or eliminate drugs altogether. It's easy. We just contact your physician.

From Angela's experience when it comes to medication reviews:

"Many people taking prescriptions are confused when it comes to understanding their medications, especially when they are taking several at a time. It is common for people to not know what each medication is for, let alone knowing if it is working. How many times have I seen patients refer to their medicine as "the little round pink pill" or the "long blue one"? A lot. This can cause a lot of confusion, and even drug error when ordering drug refills or getting prescribed new medication, especially when they don't know if any of their old pills are to be stopped. This confusion occurs most often when people are getting discharged from the hospital, or if they are seeing more than one doctor at a time. Pharmacists prevent many drug errors; they do not just count pills".

Many people just don't know what medications they are supposed to be on when they have been referred to a specialist, or are discharged from the hospital. This is a common reason for dangerous drug errors.

It is also frustrating walking into a drug store wanting a busy pharmacist to answer your questions. It is also frustrating for the pharmacist who is multitasking and not able to help you when there are long line ups. Most pharmacists in B.C. are trained to give medication reviews, but they often do not have an hour to set aside to do a thorough review with you. Angela is certainly aware of this, having worked in those busy pharmacies. She has tried her best to do in-depth reviews in a drug store setting, but has found more time was needed to do an excellent one. How can a pharmacist do a full review for someone who is taking 10 prescriptions and several supplements in 15 minutes? Furthermore, she has seen people come in with over 40 items (supplements, vitamins, herbs, and prescriptions) in a shopping bag. This is unnecessary and needs to be addressed.

At Hoku Integrated Healthcare, Angela will sit down with you and talk to you with an open mind, about each and every medication, supplement, and herb you are taking. She will tell you what each is for, see if it is working, check the dosage, drug interactions, check for unnecessary duplications, and look for side-effects. She will discuss her concerns with you, and will contact your doctor if necessary. If lab tests are needed, she can ask your doctor to order them, then go over the results with you. Please bring in a complete list of your drugs/supplements/herbs for the in-depth medication review.

Often your drug, supplement, and herb regimen can be simplified. If you are having problems remembering when to take your medications, your pharmacy can be contacted to make this easier for you. At the end of the review you will have a clear understanding about each of your medications, and you will have the satisfaction knowing that a pharmacist has been able to focus on you for a complete hour. Yes, you will pay a fee, but you will have a much better idea after the hour is over about what each of the medications are for, and what to look out for, regarding side-effects and beneficial effect.

For those patients who come in for acupuncture, a quick medication check is done, free of charge.

As a pharmacist Angela can see if some of the symptoms you are experiencing are actually from the meds you are taking, or due to undetected disease. A dry cough could be due from taking ramipril or other ACE inhibitors. A patient wanting treatment for tingly feet may have undetected diabetes. That soreness on your trunk could be the beginning of Shingles. Angela has caught several drug interactions, some of which were very serious, just by asking for a quick list of medications when her patients came in for an acupuncture treatment. 

Many people are also looking for a natural way to treat their problems. They are not happy being on certain medications and would rather take herbs. At Hoku Integrated Healthcare, your situation will be discussed with our pharmacist and herbalist so that we can make some positive changes. Your doctor will always be involved. It is important that correct supervision be available. For example, your blood sugar will drop if herbs are given for diabetes. You will have to have your blood sugar monitored more frequently, and the doses of your drugs decreased. If you were to try a trial of herbs that helped decrease cholesterol, we would need lab work to be completed at the right time to make sure you were on track. Our goal may be to eliminate the drugs you are taking. Once you are started on a new herb (or drug), a pharmacist's training makes it much easier to monitor for success in therapy, or adverse reactions.

Hoku Integrated Healthcare also provides pharmacy consultation services to not only patients, but to other complementary healthcare practitioners.  

Any change in your prescription medications will be discussed first with your physician

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Personalized Pharmacy Consults - Hoku Integrated Healthcare in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC


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Angela Berscheid offers Acupuncture in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

Hoku Integrated Healthcare offers safe, effective Acupuncture in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

Personalized Pharmacy Consults - Hoku Integrated Healthcare in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC