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Hoku Integrated Healtcare gives hope & new energy

Over the dark winter months I have taken 6 sessions of acupuncture with Angela Berscheid, the heart and soul of Hoku Integrated Healthcare. I can highly recommend anyone with health concerns to make use of Angela's skillful service.  Angela's work is so much more than a service; it's a friendly, personal and very genuine way of dealing with your problems - whatever they may be.

You feel understood, comforted and in a much better mood after each of Angela's sessions. I'm a hard core insomniac, that doesn't easily let go of a ten year habit of no or little sleep, but Angela has worked her magic with me, and if it's not a miracle happening it's certainly very helpful for my general well being. Don't ever give up on whatever is your problem; acupuncture is a wonderful way of letting go of the things that stress you. Angela is a wizard with the tiny needles; you hardly feel any discomfort and a few minutes later you truly experience the free flow of energy in your body.

Else Marie Ostermann, Victoria, BC,  January 2017

I can highly recommend anyone one with health concerns to make use of Angela's skillful service

"I suffered a severe back spasm which left me completely immobile ,incapable of walking and unending pain. This was on a Friday . I was given Angela s phone number by a friend who swore acupuncture would help. I was not a believer but the pain was excruciating and besides drugs to numb the pain I saw little choice. I feared that I would not be able to go to work on Monday and this would be disastrous in my life. I am a truck driver and lifting is part of my job. Angela was kind enough to disrupt her weekend plans and scheduled me on Saturday. When we met I was skeptical as I was a firm believer in traditional medicine. She took me into her home the next morning and began treatment . She diagnosed what my problem area was immediately and began treatment. Incredibly , I felt release immediately and the treatment was painless . After our session I could walk again ,which to this day I would rank it as a miracle. The rest of the day I was able to function normally and I still had Sunday to rest up for work. By Monday I was completely pain free and mobile. The pain was gone and I was free again. I would recommend Angela to anyone who needs medical attention. She is and will always be in my heart due to the kindness and her ability to heal. Good luck Angela ,you saved more than my job that day ,you saved my life ". KS, Nanaimo, BC

I was completely pain free

"Having known Angela for 20 years, she is not only a wonderful person but a top Acupuncturist, very perceptive and able to treat the whole person with an open mind and a sound background in the knowledge of Acupuncture. I highly recommend Angela and her Hoku Integrated Healthcare. I give her 5 stars." JTD, Retired RN and Retired Jin Shin Do® Teacher and Therapist. Sidney, BC

I give her 5 stars

"Although I am her ex husband I truly do recommend Angela as a competent acupuncturist. I have received many treatments and had good results. I know that she has worked very hard to understand this modality and truly puts her heart into helping others. I give her 5 stars" DB Chile



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Hoku Testimonials - Hoku Integrated Healthcare in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC


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Green Tara embodies the feminine strengths of great caring & compassion. She quickly comes to the aid of those who need her

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Angela Berscheid RPharm, RAc, JSDP, trusted healthcare provider of 29 years. Make an Appointment Now By Email: angela@hokuhealth.com or call     250-715-7900 

Angela Berscheid offers Acupuncture in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

Hoku Integrated Healthcare offers safe, effective Acupuncture in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

Hoku Testimonials - Hoku Integrated Healthcare in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC