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It is important to understand that, although this does happen occasionally, acupuncture is not a "one-time only miracle treatment".

Acupuncture is cumulative in that each treatment builds upon the progress of the previous one.

It, like a medication, is dose-dependent so you will need to embark on a certain number of treatments, spaced at first weekly or twice weekly to get the desired effect. At the 4-6th treatment Angela will discuss your progress with you and will decide if more visits are needed, and how apart they should be.

Please print out & complete the required forms & bring them with you to your first appointment. This way you are more likely to receive a full acupuncture treatment! If you forget, please arrive 20 minutes early and fill them out upon arrival.

If you are being treated solely for muscle/joint pain, please print and fill out the first set of forms. If you need treatment for more complex conditions, then the Symptom & Evaluation form will need to be filled out as well. Angela will review the forms with you at the office.

Patient Consent and Intake Forms


Symptom & Evaluation Form for Internal Medicine Patients


If you have any questions or are not sure what to do, we will gladly help you out when you arrive

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First Visit Intake Forms - Hoku Integrated Healthcare in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC


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First Visit Intake Forms - Hoku Integrated Healthcare in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC