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About - Hoku Integrated Healthcare in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

Angela Berscheid Registered Pharmacist, Acupuncturist, and Jin Shin Do® Practitioner

  • Angela has 15 years of trusted acupuncture experience with excellent results
  • 29 years as a hospital/compounding pharmacy pharmacist with further expertise in bio-identical hormone replacement for both women and men.
  • at VGH was head of pharmacy psychiatric team
  • Published in 2 international journals
  • Has won several awards and scholarships          


Angela was raised in the Cowichan Valley by 2 wonderful parents that introduced her to meditation and yoga at the age of 6. By the time she was in her teens, she was telling her friends about chakras and the I Ching, gave her first yoga class, and knew she wanted to help people in the best way possible. 

Angela has always had a curious, creative mind and a great love of nature, from the wide open beaches of Tofino, to the rich deep abundance of Vancouver Island's rainforests. Angela knew somehow that healing had a great deal to do with the resources that nature gives us. It was all somehow connected. In 1980, while observing an ink drawing of an ancient Chinese man with lines of meridians painted on his body, she recalled how her father's severe back pain had been cured by acupuncture, and she was certain that one day she would learn a bit more about it.

Angela Berscheid offers Acupuncture in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

When looking for a career Angela knew that she wanted to help people. As her mother had dispensed herbs and interesting concoctions, Angela followed in her footsteps and become a pharmacist. While she was completing her 5 year pharmacy degree she took Tai Qi classes, graduated in 1988, then furthered her studies with a clinical hospital pharmacy residency program, where she realized that although allopathic medicine was very good at treating acute and serious illnesses, she wanted a deeper connection with her patients, with a focus on prevention of disease, and a medicine that was holistic, in body, mind, and Spirit. Thus the journey began.

Angela discovered the Wild Rose College in Vancouver, where she studied and wild-crafted herbs, took courses in vegan nutrition, and learned massage with application of essential oils. She took the first 2 levels of Reiki, or "Life Force Energy" with Master Phyllis Victory in 1992, and later attained the master level in 2006 with Debbie Shkuratoff.

Her search for a fulfilling career continued when she decided to leave the city and go back to the Island where she married and became a new mom. Several months later she discovered Jin Shin Do®, a style of Body-mind(TM) focused acupressure that embodied "The Way of the Compassionate Spirit". Courses were being offered on Lasqueti Island, where she studied with Noel Taylor, Tolling Jennings, and later in Victoria with Kathy Debussy, and Arnold Porter. Getting deeper into the psychology and spirit of Oriental Medicine, she discovered that the majority of students taking this acupressure course inevitably embarked on an incredible journey of change and self-discovery. She was not excluded.

In the last year of training, DrTCM, Arnie Lade came to the class, and introduced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Learning how TCM was a preventative medicine, and a very complex system that was a safe yet very effective complete medicine, Angela discovered her true calling and passion. She then enrolled in the 4 year TCM program at CCAOM, the longest running TCM school in Canada. Even though she wished that the school had been present in 1980, she realized her experience in conventional medicine would augment her practice. In addition to being a student, she co-authored a published herbal paper with one of her professors, Kai Chen, and was a teacher's aid in several subjects. Angela also ordered herbs for the school so she could (play with them) and learn more about their influence. She received her acupuncture diploma and registration in 2002, and TCM diploma in 2003. Since graduation she has maintained an active practice, treating several hundreds of patients, and has taught, on several occasions, a 40 hour TCM foundations course for Jin Shin Do® and Medical Qi Gong students. She hopes to also find the time to write her TCM herbal boards and train 1 more year to obtain her doctorate.

Over the years, Angela has had many acupuncture and TCM treatments to help with her own health issues, the most challenging being a car accident in 2014. Through this she was given the opportunity to learn patience.

Angela's goal is to help you achieve optimum health and wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Through working with her own health, and that of her patients, she has seen the impressive results that Traditional Chinese Medicine can bring. As a pharmacist, she has also streamlined and sometimes eliminated, her patient's medications, working closely with their physicians. She is grateful to be able to share her clinical expertise with you and her colleagues, and do so with intelligence, empathy, kindness, and a gentle, touch, that has been cultivated in having given thousands of treatments. Your unique health care situation is of utmost importance to Angela. Together we can work toward achieving your health and wellness goals and help you do the things you enjoy, to clarify inner awareness and bring you back to your natural state of contentment.

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Hoku Integrated Healthcare offers safe, effective Acupuncture in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

Kim Cooper, RTCMP, at naturalharmonyclinic.com, in Duncan BC. She is our wonderful Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal consultant.

Kim Cooper has been actively practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since she graduated from The International College of Chinese Medicine (Victoria) in 1999. Upon graduation, she spent 10 weeks in Nan Jing, China conducting her internship. She practiced under many Chinese Doctors studying acupuncture in the outpatient clinics and spent time studying in the hospital’s herbal departments of gynecology, dermatology, and cardiovascular diseases.

She returned to Canada to be married and opened a practice in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She then traveled with her husband to Cranbrook, BC and established a practice for approximately 3 years. She now resides in the Cowichan Valley, and has two wonderful children.





About - Hoku Integrated Healthcare in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC 

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About - Hoku Integrated Healthcare in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC


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Angela Berscheid offers Acupuncture in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

Hoku Integrated Healthcare offers safe, effective Acupuncture in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC

About - Hoku Integrated Healthcare in Westshore Colwood, Victoria BC